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Ancient Coin Showcase

Top Ancient Coins 4 Sale - February 2017

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Since we started offering certified ancient coins nearly four years ago, we’ve been shocked at how many clients have made acquisitions in this area of the market. Many of our customers who previously dealt solely in United States coinage have discovered this fascinating area of the market and are surprised to learn how beautiful, important and inexpensive ancient coins can be. We believe that this market is still in its early stages (funny, given how most of these coins are over 2,000 years old) and that truly great coins can still be acquired for very little money. Only recently did NGC Ancients start grading ancient coins, so up until then there wasn’t the assurance of a grading service to certify and authenticate these items, making many potential collectors avoid ancients. Thanks to NGC Ancients this is no longer the case and the tide is turning very quickly. 

Find below a list of some of our favorite inventory selections

Roman Gordian III Silver Denarius

Roman Gordian III Silver Denarius NGC About Uncirculated 

Pedigreed from the Seven Hills Hoard, this intricate Roman silver denarius features the bust of Gordian III, one of the youngest of all Roman rulers. He ruled from 238-244 and coins bearing his likeness are relatively difficult to locate today. For the money, we believe this offers a lot of value and the overall look is extraordinary for the price. 

Only $190 each

Thrace Isle of Thasos Silver Tetradrachm
Thrace Isle of Thasos Silver Tetradrachm Extremely Fine 

Superb silver ancient coin for the price and it’s as large as a modern-day silver dollar. If you’re looking for a great gift or an interesting coin to put away for a while, we strongly suggest this large tetradrachm. The front has a portrait of Dionysis, the goddess of wine. Remarkable value for the price and impressive in size, as well.

 Only one for $495

Alexander the Great Drachm

 Alexander the Great Drachm NGC Choice Mint State Lifetime, Fine Style 

As of today, there have been NO coins graded higher by NGC Ancients for this beautiful issue struck during the rule of Alexander the Great. The obverse depicts Hercules with a lion-scalp helmet and the reverse features Zeus atop a throne holding an eagle, with various symbols, some mintmarks. 

Only $2,195 



Lydia Croesus 1/2 Silver Stater

Lydia Croesus 1/2 Silver Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 

Listed as #9 out of the 100 Greatest Ancient coins, this Half Silver Stater of King Croesus is without question the first silver coinage ever issued in human history! Struck nearly 2,600 years ago, each coin from this offering has a remarkable level of luster and eye appeal. The obverse depicts the lion and bull design, representing strength and virility. The reverse shows a double-incuse punch. 

Only one available for $2,895

Lydian Electrum 1/3rd Stater

 Lydian Electrum 1/3rd Stater NGC About Uncirculated 

Issued around 2,600 years ago, this 1/3rd stater struck in electrum is the first coinage ever with a true obverse design. This coinage pre-dates that of Croesus and was struck by his father, King Alyattes around 600 B.C. The obverse shows a Lydian lion faced right with a sunburst over its head. The reverse has a perfectly centered double-incuse punchcuse punch. 

Only one available for $12,965

Ptolemaic Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm

Ptolemaic Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm NGC Mint State

This is a stunning coin in hand and one of the most inexpensive mint condition Octodrachms you will encounter. Struck in an ounce of gold nearly 2,200 years ago, this gorgeous Arsinoe Octodrachm is a stunner. In fact, it has a proof-like look to it that we haven’t seen before in coins from this era. These are listed in the book the 100 Greatest Ancient coins and are highly popular. 

Only one available for $17,990

Croesus Gold Heavy Stater

 Croesus Gold Heavy Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 

This magnificent gold coin was struck nearly 2,600 years ago in modern-day Turkey and is the first series of gold coins ever struck. Produced by King Croesus of Lydia, the obverse depicts a lion and bull representing strength and virility. The reverse has 2 incuse punches. Heavy Staters are extremely rare in any condition and to find one that has been preserved in such a lofty grade is an epic feat. 

Only one available for $52,500

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