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Ancient Egypt

Egyptian EmpireThe Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt was a Hellenistic Kingdom that started after the death of Alexander the Great.

Ptolemy I, one of Alexander's generals, became the ruler and self-declared pharaoh of Egypt from 323-282 BC. The Ptolemaic family reign lasted until the death of Cleopatra VII and the Roman conquest in 30 BC.  Ancient gold coins from this timeframe, called octodrachms, are some of the largest and most impressive in ancient history, containing nearly one ounce of pure gold!  

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  • Ptolemaic Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm NGC Extremely Fine

    • Year: 246-222 B.C..
    • Weight: 27.91 grams
    • Metal: Gold
    • Obverse: The obverse depicts Ptolemy III wearing a crown and a trident behind him.
    • Reverse: The reverse shows a cornucopia, reflecting the vast wealth of Egypt.
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    Regular Price: $14,175.00

    Special Price $13,950.00

  • Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm NGC AU Fine Style

    One of the most famous and desirable of all ancient coins, this gorgeous gold coin contains just under an ounce of pure gold. It depicts a bust of Arsinoe on the front of the coin with a cornucopia on the reverse reflecting the vast wealth of Egypt at the time. The coin is truly beautiful and has been given the Fine Style designation by NGC Ancients, implying it to be of the highest quality. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19,575.00

    Special Price $18,990.00

  • Ptolemaic Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm NGC Mint State

    This is a stunning coin in hand and one of the most inexpensive mint condition Octodrachms you will encounter. Struck in an ounce of gold nearly 2,200 years ago, this gorgeous Arsinoe Octodrachm is a stunner. In fact, it has a proof-like look to it that we haven't seen before in coins from this era. Graffito is noted on the holder, referring to small, hairline scratches at 3 OClock on the obverse. We don't know how the marks got there, but we do know that this would be a $35,000 coin otherwise, so we LOVE the value found here. These are listed in the book the 100 Greatest Ancient coins and are highly popular. Learn More

    Regular Price: $18,225.00

    Special Price $17,990.00

  • Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm NGC Mint State Fine Style

    This is without question the finest Arsinoe II Octodrachm we have ever encountered. Granted the fine style designation by NGC, this nearly one ounce gold coin has it all---a bold, centered strike and a remarkable overall appearance. This is listed in the book 100 Greatest Ancient coins and they typically come worn and abraded. This particular example is a show-stopper and would be a centerpiece in any advanced collection. Learn More

  • Ptolemy I Gold Hemidrachm NGC Choice Extremely Fine

    These Ptolemaic gold hemidrachms are extremely rare coins in any condition today due to their small size and infrequent auction appearances. This particular example has a wonderful overall look with great detail, depicting Ptolemy I on the obverse and an eagle on the back. NGC Ancients notes this coin was at some point mounted in jewelry, however, this distinction makes this example extremely affordable. The last one we had was similar in grade yet brought nearly $9K, so this one offers a lot of value for the low price. Learn More

  • Ptolemy II Gold Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated

    Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy II, Gold Tetradrachm, NGC, About Uncirculated, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5 Learn More

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