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Ionian Electrum Coins

Most experts agree that the appearance of the first coins were in the Ioinan and Lydian regions of Asia Minor, or present-day Turkey.

The first Ionian coinage employed a "Ripple" design and was cast around 650-600 BC using a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver called electrum. Electrum was most often encountered in or around creeks and riverbeds. Eventually the basic designs progressed into more elaborate imagery depicting animals, humans, and intricate geometric depictions.

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  • Ionia Electrum 1/24 Stater NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x5

    Ionia, Uncertain Mint, 600-550 BC This tiny 1/24th stater is struck of electrum and dates back around 2,600 years. The obverse has a lion head facing right and an intricate incuse punch can be seen on the back. It is a very high grade for a coin that is so old. This is the only one of this design we have handled. Learn More

  • Ionia Electrum 1/24th Stater NGC Choice About Uncirculated Star 5x5

    Issued sometime around 650-600 B.C. Some of the earliest coinage in human history, the lines, or ripples, symbolize running water, which is where the electrum was found in nature--near riverbeds. Electrum is a naturally occurring mix of gold and silver. Refining gold and silver from electrum wouldn’t happen for another 100 years after these ripples came out. The reverse has double incuse punches. It has been preserved nearly in mint condition and is extremely rare in any condition. Learn More

  • Ionia Electrum 1/6th Stater NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x4

    When coins are published in a reference book, they become extremely desirable. This particular 1/6th electrum stater is plate coin #1067 from Joe Linzalone's reference book on electrum coinage. The front depicts a crude rendition of a lion's head facing left, almost in geometric form. It has received high marks from the graders at NGC ancients and is a great coin to put away for the long haul. Learn More

  • Artemis Gold Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 5x2

    This is the only example of this extremely rare gold Ancient that we have ever seen. Struck between 133 to 88 B.C., the front shows a draped bust of Artemis wearing a string of pearls, with a bow and quiver over her shoulders. This coin was issued in Ionia, or modern-day Turkey and is very tough to obtain in any condition. Learn More

  • Ionia Phocaea Electrum 1/6 Stater NGC About Uncirculated 4x5

    A great coin for the price, this early electrum 1/6th stater depicts goddess Io, on the front of the coin with an interesting reverse punch. This example dates back over 2,350 years! Highly recommended. Learn More

  • Satrap Silver Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine

    Interesting and attractive silver tetradrachm from nearly 2300 years ago. It was struck in Babylonia by the Persian empire in honor of Alexander the Great, their new ruler. We have handled only a couple of these over the past few years and this example has remarkable detail for the given grade. Learn More

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