More Interesting Facts About Alexander The Great

In our last blog, we discussed Alexander the Great and his military conquests. In his entire 15 year military career, Alexander the Great never lost a battle, which is incredibly rare. His military strategies have been studied by many, but his legacy cannot be duplicated. However, his successes were often achieved by the use of brute force, and thousands of people were either slaughtered or sold off as slaves by Alexander’s army. Today, we would like to explore some more interesting facts about Alexander the Great.

Philip II’s Death

In 336 BC, Alexander’s father, King Philip II, was stabbed to death by one of his bodyguards at a wedding reception. According to some legends, the relationship between the father and son soured after Philip married a Macedonian woman. In fact, some people even questioned the role that Alexander and his mother played in the role of Philip’s death, but nothing was proven. As soon as Alexander assumed his position as the new ruler, he immediately ordered the deaths of his enemies.


When King Philip was still alive, he purchased an expensive horse named Bucephalus who could not be tamed. Bucephalus proved to be a very dangerous horse, but Alexander wanted to tame him. According to legend, Alexander believed that the difficult horse was actually afraid of his own shadow. Alexander faced the horse toward the sun and was able to ride Bucephalus. Bucephalus became his beloved horse, and they rode through many battles together. Alexander even named a city Bucephala after his favorite horse.

side-inner300x640aThe Gordian Knot

Another great Alexandrian legend involves a knot tied by the founder of the city Gordius, Gordius. Gordius tied an extremely complicated knot to secure his chariot, and an oracle claimed that the person capable of untying the knot would rule Asia. When Alexander reached Gordium, he desired to untie the knot. As a crowd of spectators looked on, Alexander became very frustrated trying to untie the gargantuan knot. Once he ran out of patience, he simply sliced through the knot with his sword, and he eventually conquered Asia.

He Fell Madly In Love With Roxanne

Before capturing a fortress in Sogdian Rock, Alexander cased the fortress and spotted the teenage daughter of a nobleman. Instantly, Alexander fell in love with Roxanne, and the two joined together in a traditional wedding ceremony soon after.

Cities Named Alexandria

Following his conquests, Alexander founded many new cities built around military forts. Without an ounce of shame, Alexander named about 70 or so cities Alexandria after himself.

The Phalanx

A Macedonian battle technique known as the phalanx was originally developed by Philip II. However, Alexander the Great mastered the technique, which was used frequently in his conquests. His soldiers attacked in a formation of 8 to 32 men carrying 12 to 18 foot spears.

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