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Ancient Egypt

The Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt was a Hellenistic Kingdom that started after the death of Alexander the Great. Egypt was one of the wealthiest of all ancient cultures and their vast wealth was reflected in their amazing coinage.

Ptolemy I, one of Alexander's generals, became the ruler and self-declared pharaoh of Egypt from 323-282 BC. The Ptolemaic family reign lasted until the death of Cleopatra VII and the Roman conquest in 30 BC.  Ancient gold coins from this timeframe, called octodrachms, are some of the largest and most impressive in ancient history, containing nearly one ounce of pure gold!  

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  • Cleopatra VII Copper 80 Drachmae NGC Fine

    Ptolemaic Kingdom, Cleopatra VII, AE 80, Drachmae, NGC, Fine,Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5 Learn More

  • Ptolemaic Ptolemy III Gold Octodrachm NGC About Uncirculated 5X4 Fine Style

    What you have here is one of the largest gold coins of the ancient world, a gold octodrachm from Ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The coin itself is remarkable with fantastic detail and eye appeal. Containing just under an ounce of pure gold, the piece depicts the cherub-faced ruler facing right and a cornucopia on the reverse, thought to reflect the vast wealth of Egypt. The coin is nearly mint state and has been awarded the Fine Style designation by NGC Ancients, implying it to be of the highest artistic quality. This is a coin that should be put away for a long time. Learn More

  • Ptolemy IV Bronze 42 NGC Choice Extremely Fine Star 5x4

    This hefty Ptolemaic Bronze coin is impressive in size and weight and dates back around 2,500 years old. The size of a silver dollar but twice as thick, the obverse depicts Zeus and the reverse shows an eagle, common on coinage from the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Coins such as this appear to be very undervalued in our opinion. Learn More

  • Ptolemaic Dynastic Portrait Gold Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated 5x4

    Ptolemy II's father, Ptolemy I, was a General under Alexander the Great. When Alexander died, Ptolemy took the Egyptian part of the empire to govern. These gold Tetradrachms were the first coins struck under Ptolemy II who built the famous Library of Alexandria. In 279bc he married his beautiful sister,Arsinoe II, a custom of the Egyptian pharaohs. The sibling marriage was a scandal in Greek society, which gave Arsinoe the nickname- Philadelphus or "brother lover". These gold Tetradrachms carried four royal portraits- Ptolemy and his sister-wife Arsinoe II on the obverse with their deified parents on the reverse- Ptolemy I Soter and Berenice I. Coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

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  • Ptolemy IX Silver Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated 4x3

    For some reason, silver coinage from the latter part of the Ptolemaic Dynasty has a great overall appearance. This example is bright white and flashy, with an image of Ptolemy on the obverse in lifelike fashion. The facial features and hair are quite intricate, indeed. For the price, this near-mint condition example should not be overlooked. Very nice. Learn More

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