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Ancient Greece

The first ancient coins came from an area of Asia Minor which is today known as Turkey and were made of electrum, a naturally occurring mixture of silver and gold. This area is regarded as the birthplace of coinage and the first to use coined money in trade. The area included ancient kingdoms and cities of Ionia and Lydia.

Greek colonists, predominantly from Athens and Attica, settled the coastline of Asia Minor from the Mediterranean up to the Black Sea. Later Alexander overthrew the entire Achaemenid Empire, conquering a territory all the way to India. For a brief period the Macedonian Empire and the Greek influence was the most powerful in the world. Coins from this era are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and beloved designs in all of human history especially given the primitive methods they were manufactured.

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  • Ionia Electrum 1/24 Stater NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x5

    Ionia, Uncertain Mint, 600-550 BC This tiny 1/24th stater is struck of electrum and dates back around 2,600 years. The obverse has a lion head facing right and an intricate incuse punch can be seen on the back. It is a very high grade for a coin that is so old. This is the only one of this design we have handled. Learn More

  • Carthage Silver 1/2 Shekel General Hannibal MS NGC

    We have never had the opportunity to offer a silver half-shekel issued by Hannibal in 210 B.C and this happens to be one of the absolute finest examples that NGC has ever graded. Awarded a lofty mint state grade, for the money this is a great coin given the fact that an extremely fine example recently brought over $5K at auction. The obverse depicts what is thought to be a lifelike rendition of the famous General and the reverse depicts an elephant, the animal used by Hannibal to win battles. This is an epic coin and its importance cannot be overstated. Hannibal is one of the most renowned Generals in human history, and this half silver shekel is the highest grade that NGC has ever awarded for this rare issue. Learn More

    Regular Price: $10,971.00

    Special Price $10,750.00

  • Pamphylia Silver "Wrestler" Stater NGC Choice Very Fine

    Struck nearly 2,400 years ago, this extremely well-struck silver tetradrachm is far nicer than most we encounter. Typically very worn with poor centering, this particular example is very pleasing overall. The obverse depicts two lifelike wrestlers, reminiscent of the earliest Olympic games. Very nice coin for the money and reasonably priced, as well. Learn More

    Regular Price: $600.00

    Special Price $569.00

  • Corinth Pegasus Silver Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 5x3

    Listed in the book the 100 Greatest Ancient coins, this striking Pegasus silver stater has a great overall look for the grade with a perfect strike. Struck between 330 and 300 B.C., the obverse depicts the winged horse, Pegasus, from Greek mythology. The reverse shows a helmeted Aphrodite, the chief goddess of the city. We love placing attractive Greek silver staters such as this, they offer solid value for the price and they're highly desirable among ancient collectors. Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,720.00

    Special Price $2,695.00

  • Lysimachus Silver Tetradrachm NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x3

    Lysimachus was one of Alexander the Great's most trusted generals. He paid tribute to Alexander by using a lifelike image of Alexander the Great on his coinage. This lifelike depiction is impressive, and it is paired with Nike, the goddess of victory, on the reverse. Most come worn or porous--this example is truly remarkable and very high quality for the price. Learn More

    Regular Price: $5,440.00

    Special Price $5,275.00

  • Alexander the Great Gold Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 4x3

    Alexander the Great is without question one of the most notable figures of ancient history and as such coins issued under his thirteen year reign are incredibly desirable today. Most survivors today are quite worn, as they were issued over 2,300 years ago and widely circulated.

    The obverse features Athena, the Goddess of War, and the Goddess of Victory, Nike, is seen on the reverse. Learn More

  • Larissa Silver Trihemiobol NGC Choice Extremely Fine 4x3

    This is an extraordinary coin from over 2,400 years ago struck in silver with excellent detail for the assigned grade. The front of the coin has rider with a spear atop a stallion, while the reverse depicts the nymph known as Larissa. Coins such as this are excellent values in the current marketplace and we seldom have one in any condition. Only one available. Learn More

  • Alexander the Great Silver Obol NGC Fine

    Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III, Silver Obol, NGC, lifetime-early posthumous, Fine Learn More

  • Alexander the Great Silver Hemidrachm NGC Very Fine

    Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great, Silver Hemidrachm, NGC, Very Fine Learn More

  • Philip II Gold 1/8 Stater NGC Fine 5X2

    Hard-to-find fractional gold stater issued under King Philip II of Macedon. While circulated, this example has a very well-centered strike and pleasing overall look. A fair value indeed given the low price point. Learn More

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