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Alexander The Great Coins

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, is an extremely important figure in the history of ancient coinage. Coins issued during and after his reign are collected today for their artistic beauty and historical significance. They were extensively used in everyday commerce 2,300 years ago, so most known survivors today come extremely worn.

When exceptional examples become available they are in high demand and command substantial premiums. Coins that were struck during his reign (called lifetime issues) are the most desirable by collectors and often the rarest in uncirculated condition.

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  • Alexander the Great Drachm NGC Choice Mint State Lifetime, Fine Style

    As of today, there have been NO coins graded higher by NGC Ancients for this beautiful issue struck during the rule of Alexander the Great. These intricate silver Drachms (pronounced 'drahms')were struck over 2,300 years ago and have been preserved in an immaculate state, with crisp strikes and a remarkable overall look. Each coin has been awarded the Fine Style designation by NGC, implying it to be of the highest artistic quality. The obverse depicts Hercules with a lion-scalp helmet and the reverse features Zeus atop a throne holding an eagle, with various symbols, some mintmarks. If you're looking for a remarkable Ancient at a surprisingly reasonable price, this is it. Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,263.00

    Special Price $2,195.00

  • Alexander the Great Silver Hemidrachm NGC Very Fine

    Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great, Silver Hemidrachm, NGC, Very Fine Learn More

  • Alexander the Great Gold Stater Lifetime EP NGC Choice Mint State 5x4

    Alexander the Great ruled nearly 2,300 years ago and this stunning gold stater is testament to his empire and vision. Preserved and certified by NGC Ancients, it has received a Choice Mint State rating, an incredibly high grade for a gold ancient. The obverse depicts a helmeted Athena, the goddess of war, while the reverse shows Nike, the goddess of Victory. Coins such as these are not plentiful, especially when preserved in such a high state of preservation. Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19,430.00

    Special Price $18,950.00

  • Alexander the Great Gold 1/4 Stater Lifetime EP NGC Choice Extremely Fine 5x4

    This is an extremely rare fractional gold coin issued during the reign of Alexander the Great and it is absolutely breathtaking for the assigned grade. While the price may not reflect it, these are many times more scarce than a larger Full Gold stater of Alexander. Highly recommended for the price. Coin pictured is the exact one you will receive. Learn More

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