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Macedonian Empire Coins

Macedonia was a small kingdom in northern Greece that was under Persian control in the 4th century BC until Philip II (359–336 BC) overthrew the Persians and took control of the area.

Eventually his son, Alexander the Great expanded the empire after Philip's death.

Macedonian coins are some of the most attractive coins available today. They are hand-crafted works of art created by talented artists. Each Greek city took pride in minting its own coins and marked them with significant symbols reflecting their culture and they remain famous and extremely evocative to this day.

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  • Philip II Gold 1/8 Stater NGC Fine 5X2

    Hard-to-find fractional gold stater issued under King Philip II of Macedon. While circulated, this example has a very well-centered strike and pleasing overall look. A fair value indeed given the low price point. Learn More

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  • Philip II Gold Stater EP NGC Choice About Uncirculated Star 5x4

    This absolutely stunning Philip II gold stater was issued nearly 2,400 years ago by the father of Alexander the Great. They are oftentimes encountered slightly off-struck, however, this example is remarkably pristine and full for the assigned grade. The obverse features Apollo facing right in a very lifelike fashion. The impressive reverse depicts a charioteer drawn by two horses. An absolute monster coin for the price and one of our finest since selling a Choice Mint State Star example to a local Austin client a few months ago. This is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

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    Special Price $11,250.00

  • Philip II Gold Stater EP NGC Mint State 5x4

    Philip II Gold Stater, Early Posthumous issue, NGC Mint State, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5 Learn More

  • Philip III Arridaeus Gold Stater NGC Mint State 5x4

    Philip III assumed the role of the emperor of Macedon after the death of his half-brother, Alexander the Great, in 323 B.C. This particular coin is razor sharp and well-centered and somehow survived the past 2,300 years nearly untouched. Coins of Alexander are encountered more often, it seems, than those of Philip III, and this was an opportune purchase at a recent ancient coin convention we attended. Highly recommended and beautiful--coin shown is the one you will receive. Learn More

    Regular Price: $11,220.00

    Special Price $10,990.00

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