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Ancient Rome

roman coins

The span of the Roman Empire lasted from 27 BC until 500 years later with the fall of the Western Roman Empire around 476 AD. The demise was due to many factors including invading barbarians, Christianity displacing the traditional Roman religion, and a complete political collapse. Even though the western half of the empire was defeated, the Eastern Roman Empire continued on for another thousand years in the form of the Byzantine Empire.

Ancient Roman Coins are some of the most popular ancients to collect. There are hundreds of different Roman Coins and even a beginner on a modest budget can find beautiful specimens for their collection that are true works of art.

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  • Trajan Silver Denarius NGC Extremely Fine Star

    For the assigned grade, this silver Denarius of Emperor Trajan is a real stunner. The detail is extraordinary, which is exactly why NGC gave the coin a STAR designation. Trajan ruled from 98-117 AD and coins bearing his likeness are highly desirable. Learn More

  • Trajan Silver Denarius NGC Mint State Star

    Absolutely blazing example of Emperor Trajan's silver Denarius. Struck betwee 98-117 AD, this coin depicts the emperor's bust on the obverse with various implements on the reverse. It has received a mint state star designation from NGC, implying it to be of the highest artistic quality and craftsmanship. Learn More

  • Commodus Silver Double Denarius NGC Extremely Fine

    This large Double Denarius depicting Emperor Commodus has a brilliant grey coloration. Commodus was one of the more despised Emperors and he reigned from 177-192. Learn More

  • Trajan or Hadrian Silver Denarius NGC Choice Very Fine

    Pedigreed from the famous Golden Age Hoard, these 1,800 year old Roman Denarii are great looking coins for the price! Choose from Trajan, who ruled from 98-117, or Hadrian, who ruled from 117-138. Both are noteworthy Roman Emperors and great coins for the price. Superb values and highly recommended. Learn More

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  • Roman Silver Denarius Extremely Fine

    We believe these 1,800 year old Roman Denarii are excellent values for the price. We have a few different designs available at these prices: Septimus Severus (193-211 AD) Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD) Faustina Jr. (147-175 AD) Caracalla (198-217 AD) Supplies are limited, call with any questions! Coin shown may not be the actual coin shown. Learn More

  • Severus Alexander Silver Denarius NGC Mint State

    Severus Alexander ruled from 222-235 AD. These mint condition silver denarii offer great value and quality for the price and they are very well centered and clearly struck. We only have two coins available at this price--highly recommended! Learn More

  • Diocletian BI Nummus NGC About Uncirculated

    Diocletain was a Roman Emperor from 284 to 305 A.D. From humble beginnings, he rose through the military ranks and became emperor of Rome, stabilizing the empire, marking the end of the Crisis of the Third Century. Due to illness, he resigned from rule in 305 yet his amazingly high-quality Bronze coins have survived the test of time. Each coin in this offering has been certified in About Uncirculated condition with remarkable detail on both the front and back of the coin. The obverse depicts a proud and strong bust of Diocletian facing right, and they are large--bigger than a modern silver half-dollar. If you're looking for a superb gift or great entry-point into the ancient coin market, these are tough to beat for the money. Learn More

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    Special Price $169.00

  • Titus Silver Denarius NGC Choice Extremely Fine 4x4

    Roman Empire, Titus, Silver Denarius, NGC, Choice Extremely Fine, Strike 4/4, Surface 4/4 Learn More

  • Vespasian Silver Denarius NGC About Uncirculated 5x3

    Roman Empire, Vespasian, Silver Denarius, NGC, About Uncirculated, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5 Learn More

  • Vitellius Silver Denarius NGC Choice Extremely Fine 4x4

    Roman Empire, Vitellius, Silver Denarius, NGC, Choice Extremely Fine, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5 Learn More

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