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54 B.C. Coson Gold Stater CHMS NGC

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Certified by NGC in Choice Mint State!

Struck over 2,000 years ago of 9 grams of nearly pure gold, the obverse features three consuls in procession, while the reverse features an eagle holding a wreath. Ancient history scholars have put forth two versions of the origin of the Coson Stater:

The first version purports that Brutus, the assassin who betrayed Julius Caesar, struck the coins using gold treasure provided by the Roman Senate. In this version of the story the staters were used to pay troops provided by the Thracian King Coson to defend the Republic from troops loyal to Julius Caesar.
The second version surmises that these staters were imitating a popular Roman silver denarius of the time, struck under Brutus.

While the precise origin of the Coson Stater remains a mystery, perhaps a greater mystery is how any coin of this age has maintained such a high state of preservation over the past 2,000 years. Only three available, coin pictured may not be the coin you receive but is certainly indicative of the quality you can expect. Highly recommended.

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Coson Gold Stater certified by NGC in Choice Mint State condition


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