Ancient coin struck nearly 2,400 years ago

Certified Ancient Silver Coin – Pamphylia Silver “Wrestler”

Certified Ancient Silver Coin – The Pamphylia Silver “Wrestler” – was an ancient coin struck nearly 2,400 years ago. It features two very lifelike wrestlers to remind us of the very first Olympics held in Greece. This well-struck silver tetradrachm is nicely centered and is one of the best we have seen for this grade. Typically you will the Pamphylia Silver Wrestler coin very worn with poor centering, but this particular coin is very pleasing and a great find for someone’s collection. (View Greek Coins Here)

Pamphylia wrestling history actually dates back 5,000 years ago to the times of the Sumerians, but the Greeks are the ones who turned the sport into structured discipline. The Ancient Olympics spread throughout the Greek Empire including the Pamphylia region in the south of Asia Minor. Pamphylia was considered a Greek country from the early Iron Age until the early Middle Ages.

Wrestling for the Greeks was lifted to a higher level and thought of as a “divine art.”  The training of the young men was treated as a science. The naked athletes represented the basic human elements of hand to hand combat. First the athletes were coated with olive oil and a thin layer of sand to help protect them from the elements like the sun and the cold.  Although similar to today’s freestyle wrestling the object was to bring down their opponent to the ground on not only his back, but any part of his hips, chest, knees or elbows to score a win.

The proclaimed winner represented the legendary conflicts among the Ancient Greek Gods and were treated in high reverence.  For reasons not fully understood slaves and women were forbidden to participate and even go to watch the games. If they were caught participating they were given capital punishment, which meant death. Many celebrities and those of privileged positions of the day would come to the games. Victors were given a crown of wild olive-tree leave and some ancient stories told of champions who ended up becoming quite rich.

Pamphylia Silver Wrestler coins offers us a small glimpse of ancient history and our Olympic past. Start collecting these works of art today and call one of our Ancient Coin Advisors at Ancient Gold Coins.

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