Achaemenid Empire Gold Daric Mint State Star

This perfect Mint State Star Achaemenid Empire gold daric, which was struck over 2,400 years ago, has to be one of the most unique and incredibly beautiful Hero-King coins that we have ever owned. It also has a perfect Strike 5/5 and Surface 5/5.

Like most Achaemenid darics the obverse depicts the hero-king with a bow and spear and the reverse shows a single incuse punch that occured when the coin was struck by hand. What makes this one so unique is the size and shape that is not normally found, especially in Mint State Star condition.

A Beautiful example of one of the earliest coins ever made and considering the crude methods to produce them is an incredible find!

This beautiful gold daric from the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550-330 BCE), sometimes known as First Persian Empire.  Here is a link of the Achaemenid Dynasty as they ruled over vast areas of Persia and even Egypt.

Before Alexander the Great conquered the Achaemenid Empire it was considered one of the largest and greatest empires of its day. This Persian empire was the center of politics, heritage, and history of what we now call modern Persia, or modern day Iran.

An estimated 50 million out of 112.4 million people lived in the Achaemenid Empire around 480 BC, which equaled approximately 44% of the world’s population at the time.  So, by population in percentage term the Achaemenid empire was the largest empire ever in history. Second place goes to the Qing dynasty in 1820 with 381 million out of 1.041 billion people in the world. The third place goes to Alexander the Great’s Macedonian Empire who conquered the Persians. By land mass the Macedonian empire was the largest empire (in its day) but only controlled 30% of the world’s people – or 50 million out of 165 million people. This information can be found on Wikipedia under “Largest empires by land area and population.”


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