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Since we started offering certified ancient coins nearly four years ago, we’ve been shocked at how many clients have made acquisitions in this area of the market. Many of our customers who previously dealt solely in United States coinage have discovered this fascinating area of the market and are surprised to learn how beautiful, important and inexpensive ancient coins can be. We believe that this market is still in its early stages (funny, given how most of these coins are over 2,000 years old) and that truly great coins can still be acquired for very little money. Only recently did NGC Ancients start grading ancient coins, so up until then there wasn’t the assurance of a grading service to certify and authenticate these items, making many potential collectors avoid ancients. Thanks to NGC Ancients this is no longer the case and the tide is turning very quickly. 

Find below a list of some of our favorite inventory selections

Diocletian BI Nummus

Diocletian BI Nummus NGC AU

From humble beginnings, Diocletian rose through the military ranks to become emperor of Rome, stabilizing the empire, and ending the Crisis of the Third Century. Each coin in this offering has been certified in About Uncirculated condition with remarkable detail on both the front and back of the coin. The obverse depicts a proud and strong bust of Diocletian facing right.

 Available for $169/each


Seleucid Kingdom Silver Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated

 Seleucid Kingdom Silver Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated

This tetradrachm struck nearly 2,200 years ago by Antiochus VII has remarkable detail and history. It shows clean fields, a bold strike, and detail that is extraordinary. The obverse depicts Antiochus VII facing right and the reverse has a standing figure surrounded by implements and markings.

 Only $725

Hound of Cyzicus Electrum Stater NGC Choice Very Fine 4x4Justinian II (2nd Reign) Gold Solidus NGC Mint State 

An absolutely amazing coin and desirable by so many types of collectors, as far as we know this is the earliest depiction of a domesticated animal on human coinage. Struck around 2,550 years ago this 17-gram electrum full stater depicts a hound running left in lifelike fashion atop the totem animal for Mysia, the tunny (tuna fish). Electrum is what coins were made of starting 650 B.C.--it is a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver and could be found in and around streams and riverbeds. 

 Only one available for $6,690


King Croesus Silver Stater Croesus Silver Full Stater NGC Very Fine 5x3

This Lydian full silver stater was issued by King Croesus sometime around 560 B.C and has been preserved nicely over the past 2,600 years. It is known to be the first true silver coinage ever issued and is very desirable as a result, particularly the largest denomination of the series, the full stater. The obverse shows an image of a lion and bull, representing strength and fertility. The reverse employs a double-incuse punch that happened when the coin was struck so long ago.

 Only one available for $$6,693


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