Ptolemaic Dynasty

Chronological Order of the Ptolemaic Dynasty

Ptolemaic pharaohs frequently ruled jointly with their wives, who were often also their sisters. Several queens exercised regal authority, but the most famous and successful was Cleopatra VII (51 BC-30 BC), with her two brothers and her son as successive nominal co-rulers. Several systems exist for numbering the later rulers; the one used here is the one most widely used by modern scholars.

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Dates are years of reign.

  1. Ptolemy I Soter (303-285 BC) married first (probably) Thaïs, secondly Artakama, thirdly Eurydice and finally Berenice I
  2. Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246 BC) married Arisnoe I, then Arsinoe II Philadelphus; ruled jointly with Ptolemy I Epigone (267-259 BC)
  3. Ptolemy III Euergetes (246-221 BC) married Berenice II
  4. Ptolemy IV Philopator (221-203 BC) married Arsinoe III
  5. Ptolemy V Epiphanes (203-181 BC) married Cleopatra I
  6. Ptolemy VI Philometor (181-164 BC, 163-145 BC) married Cleopatra II, briefly ruled jointly with Ptolemy Eupator in 152 BC
  7. Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator (never reigned)
  8. Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II (Physcon)(170-163 BC, 145-116 BC) married Cleopatra II then Cleopatra III; temporarily expelled from Alexandria by Cleopatra II between 131 BC and 127 BC, reconciled with her in 124 BC.
  9. Cleopatra II Philometora Soteira (131-127 BC), in opposition to   Ptolemy VIII
  10. Cleopatra III Philometor Soteira Dikaiosyne Nikephoros (Kokke) (116-101 BC) ruled jointly with Ptolemy IX (116-107 BC) and Ptolemy X (107-101 BC)
  11. Ptolemy IX Sotesr II (Lathyros) (116-107 BC, 88 BC-81 BC as Soter II) married Cleopatra IV then Cleopatra Selene; ruled jointly with Cleopatra III in his first reign
  12. Ptolemy X  Alexander I (107-88 BC) married Cleopatra Selene then  Berenice III; ruled jointly with Cleopatra III till 101 BC
  13. Berenice III Philopator (81-80 BC)
  14. Ptolemy XI Alexander II (80 BC) married and ruled jointly with  Berenice III before murdering her; ruled alone for 19 days after that.
  15. Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos (Auletes) (80-58 BC, 55 -51 BC) married  Cleopatra V Tryphaena
  16. Cleopatra VII Philopator (51 BC-30 BC) ruled jointly with Ptolemy XIII, Theos Philopator (51-47 BC), Ptolemy XIV (47-44 BC), & Ptolemy XV Caesarion (44-30 BC).
  17. Arsinoe IV (48-47 BC) in opposition to Cleopatra VII

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