How to Sell Your Ancient Coins

Need to sell an ancient coin? It is important to understand that we are not an appraisal service. If you have a collection of certified ancient coins valued over $5,000 that is something totally different and we do buy back coins from estate sales or large collections. It is also important to know that WE ONLY DEAL WITH PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES.

Want to find out what your ancient coins are worth? We understand this curiosity, but most collections don’t have much value, even if they date back thousands of years. Please also understand that it’s also impossible to value a ancient coin without seeing it in person and that appraising such coins isn’t a service that we offer.

If you have a random ancient coin, we recommend buying a Redbook to get approximate values.

Now if you're looking to buy ancient coins we can definitely assist you! An Ancient Coins Advisor, (our in house Coin Dealers), will give you one-on-one attention with ancient coins as well as rare coins, gold, silver, platiumum, and palladium.  

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If you have a collection of ancient coins that you would like to sell or buy, call 1-800-550-6314. You can also Fill Out The Form Below and give us an idea of what type of ancient coins you have.

Ancient Gold Coins is a ready and willing buyer of high quality ancient coins, particularly those that have been NGC Ancients certified. Ancient Gold Coins is a division of Austin Rare Coins located in Austin, Texas.

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