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Lydia Croesus Gold 24th-Stater | Heavy Series | Extremely Fine 5x5

Behold the magnificent Lydia Croesus Gold 24th-Stater, a true marvel of ancient numismatics. Weighing in at .44g, this small but significant coin belongs to the Heavy Series of Lydia's coinage--the earliest gold coins ever issued over 2,550 years ago.. Its exceptional state of preservation showcases an Extremely Fine condition, with a flawless 5/5 Surface rating and a pristine 5/5 Strike.

The obverse of this splendid coin features an awe-inspiring depiction of a lion confronting a bull. This iconic imagery symbolizes the power, valor, and sovereignty associated with the ancient kingdom of Lydia. The lion, portrayed with regal majesty and strength, stands poised before the formidable bull, capturing the intense moment of their encounter. The detailed artistry and skillful execution on this small gold canvas reflect the mastery of the ancient Lydian minters.

On the reverse side of the coin, you will discover an incuse punch. Each Lydia Croesus Silver 24th-Stater holds its own distinct reverse punch, adding further allure and depth to this remarkable piece of history.

This Lydia Croesus Gold 24th-Stater stands as a testament to the rich heritage and artistic achievements of Lydia. It transports you back in time to an era when coins played a crucial role in trade and communication, and Lydia was at the forefront of numismatic innovation. Holding this coin in your hand, you become a custodian of ancient history, connecting with the ancient rulers and prosperous civilization that once thrived in the land of Lydia.

In conclusion, the Lydia Croesus Gold 24th-Stater is a numismatic treasure that encapsulates the power and grandeur of the ancient kingdom. With its remarkable obverse design featuring the lion confronting the bull, combined with its exceptional condition and exquisite craftsmanship, this coin is a testament to Lydia's numismatic legacy and an essential addition to any collection.

Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.  Only a handful of these ancient gold coins are known in any condition.

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Lydia Croesus Gold 24th-Stater | Heavy Series | Extremely Fine 5x5
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