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Ionian Electrum Coins

Most experts agree that the appearance of the first coins were in the Ioinan and Lydian regions of Asia Minor, or present-day Turkey.

The first Ionian coinage employed a "Ripple" design and was cast around 650-600 BC using a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver called electrum. Electrum was most often encountered in or around creeks and riverbeds. Eventually the basic designs progressed into more elaborate imagery depicting animals, humans, and intricate geometric depictions.

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  • Mysia Winged Boar Electrum Stater NGC Fine 4x4

    The first coinage in human history was struck from electrum, a naturallly occurring mixture of gold and silver. This large, electrum full stater saw circulation around 2,500 years ago and remains today as testament to the earliest money ever used by humans. While designs vary, this example has a 4-way punch on the reverse with a winged-boar on the obverse with a tuna fish (tunny) underneath. Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

  • 1/6th Electrum Stater (Female Portrait) Extremely Fine 4X4

    This 2,300 year old electrum coin has been certified by NGC in Extremely Fine condition. The obverse depicts an intricate female head facing left and the reverse employs an incuse punch that happened when the coin was struck long ago. Each electrum 1/6th stater is handmade and unique! Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive, highly recommended. Ask about other design types or higher grades of electrum coinage that we have available. Learn More

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  • Young Male Head Electrum 1/6 Stater NGC XF 4X4

    "Electrum" is what coins were made of starting around 650 B.C. It is a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver and could be found in and around streams and riverbeds and the coins were issued in different sizes to reflect different values. These absolutely amazing coins are desirable by so many types of collector because of their age, high-quality and different designs. This 1/6th stater, or "hecte" depicts a lifelike young, male head with an incuse punch on the back. If you're looking for an amazing piece of history and a truly rare artifact to put away for a while, this is a tough item to beat. We love the value found in this early coinage. As a collectible, gift or investment, electrum coins from 2,500 years ago are a superb opportunity at these levels, particularly when certified by NGC Ancients in such a high grade. Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive--we have other designs available too...check our electrum page or call 1-800-928-6468 with questions. Learn More

  • Ephesus Bee Silver Tetradrachm CHVF Star

    This is an awesome silver stater from 2,300 years ago featuring a honey-bee on the obverse and a lifelike stag (male deer) on the reverse near a palm tree. Ancient coinage is fascinating and known to focus on natural surroundings. Only one we have ever seen. Learn More

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  • Ionia El Hecte NGC Choice Extremely Fine Star 5x5 Fine Style

    This must be one of the earliest front facing portraits on a coin ever produced. From nearly 2,500 years ago the head of Greek mythological Heracles—divine hero in Greek mythology. Very interesting piece of history from the dawn of money. Learn More

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