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The span of the Roman Empire lasted from 27 BC until 500 years later with the fall of the Western Roman Empire around 476 AD. The demise was due to many factors including invading barbarians, Christianity displacing the traditional Roman religion, and a complete political collapse. Even though the western half of the empire was defeated, the Eastern Roman Empire continued on for another thousand years in the form of the Byzantine Empire.

Ancient Roman Coins are some of the most popular ancients to collect. There are hundreds of different Roman Coins and even a beginner on a modest budget can find beautiful specimens for their collection that are true works of art.

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  1. Constantine Bronze BI Nummus NGC MS
    Emperor Constantine I is often credited with converting the Roman Empire to Christianity. In fact, though he ended the persecution of Christians and eventually converted, some historians debate the true nature of his faith.After unifying the Roman Empire under his rule in A.D. 324, Constantine rebuilt his seat of his power in largely Christian Byzantium, which was renamed Constantinople and today is Istanbul. The growth of a Christian ruling class under Constantine ensured the faith's increasing and enduring prominence through the Roman, and later Byzantine, Empire. These bronze coins were minted under his heir, Constantine II, between 337-361 A.D. and have been preserved in an uncirculated condition. They have been graded by NGC to be mint state, and all design detail is centered and extremely evident on both sides. If you're looking for a great gift or new addition to your collection without breaking the bank, have a look at these while we have them. Only ten available. Learn More
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  2. Roman Silver Double-Denarius NGC Mint State
    A truly remarkable coin for the money, this large, silver Roman Double Denarius has it all! It has been preserved in mint condition. We luckily stumbled across a small group of these at a recent convention and bought every one we could. Coin pictured is not the exact coin you will receive but is the quality and grade you can expect. Learn More
    Now Only $445.00 Regular Price $471.25
  3. Biblical-Era Bronze Prutah "Widow's Mite" Choice Very Fine

    Sometimes referred to as "Widows Mite's" in the Bible, these Judean Bronze Prutahs are far nicer than most you will encounter. Each coin is graded by NGC Ancients in Choice Very Fine condition and is certified authentic and over 1,900 years old. Coins vary in look and design, but these pictures are indicative of the quality you can expect.

    In biblical times, Widows Mite's were also known as a "Lepton" and was the smallest denomination of currency used. At the time of Mark's writing, it was worth 1/64th of a silver denarius. A denarius was a day's wage for a common worker. In today's terms, it would be worth about 1/8th of a cent.


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    Now Only $95.00 Regular Price $126.00
  4. Maurice Tiberius Gold Solidus NGC MS 4x4

    Struck around 1,500 years ago, this attractive and detailed gold solidus has been certified in Mint State condition by NGC Ancients. High-end and relatively affordable, this one features Maurice Tiberius, who ruled from 582-605 AD.

    We love the value and historical significance each of these offers in mint condition.

    Coin shown may not be the exact coin you receive but indicative of the quality you can expect. Learn More
    Now Only $1,150.00 Regular Price $1,216.00
  5. Vespasian Gold Aureus NGC CHXF 5x3

    Ruler from 69-79 AD, Emperor Vespasian is boldly depicted on this Roman Gold Aureus. Most certified Vespasian’s are in lower grades than the present example and this one is very centered and attractive for the assigned grade.

    He is known for beginning the construction of the Roman Colosseum and he had a long and successful career, residing over a peaceful Roman empire.

    Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

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    Now Only $14,850.00 Regular Price $15,040.00
  6. Nero Gold Aureus NGC XF 4x4

    Nero was one of the most corrupt and hated of all Roman Emperors and ruled from 54-68 AD.

    Known for his unmatched cruelty, he began the first Roman-Jewish War that ultimately destroyed the second Temple of Jerusalem.

    This coin is accurately graded and depicts the emperor facing right with Jupiter seated upon a throne on the reverse.

    Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

    Now Only $15,750.00 Regular Price $16,000.00
  7. Gordian III Gold Aureus NGC MS 5x4

    This highly lustrous, mint state gold aureus depicts Roman Emperor Gordian III who ruled from 238-244.

    He became the emperor at age 13, the youngest sole emperor in Roman history. An attractive and flashy example dating back over 1,750 years ago and the coin shown is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

    Now Only $19,950.00 Regular Price $20,480.00
  8. Roman Republic | Silver Victoriatus | Mint State

    Stunning and frosty mint state silver “Victoriatus”, issued from 211 – 208 B.C. depicting a lifelike portrait of Jupiter on the obverse and a procession of victory on the back.

    Certified in mint state condition by NGC, these are great coins for the price and very beautiful. Coin shown may not be the exact coin you receive, but indicative of the quality you can expect. Learn More

  9. Tiberius II Constantine Gold Solidus | Choice Mint State

    Byzantine gold is not usually known for its quality and beauty, however, the present example has achieved Choice Mint State status from NGC ancients along with a perfect 5/5 strike AND surfaces.

    The coin is perfectly centered on the front and the back with great detail and lettering. In proper light, the coin has prooflike qualities and reflectivity, adding to the overall appeal of the piece.

    Highly recommended coin for someone looking for an upper-end ancient from this timeframe. Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

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  10. Pontius Pilate Bronze Prutah 26-36 AD - Choice Fine

    Note: Coin image is indicative of the quality you will receive, not the exact coin you may be sent.

    Pontius Pilate was Governor of Judea from 26-36 AD under the Roman emperor Tiberius. He is one of the most infamous men in history as he gave the command to have Jesus Christ crucified. The bronze coins (or ‘prutah’) issued by Pontius Pilate between 26 – 36 AD are of special interest to Christians and Jews because of his connection with Jesus Christ and his involvement in Jewish history.

    They were heavily used and traded every day during the lifetime of Jesus. His bronze prutah feature one of 2 designs minted between 29 and 31 AD. The first is that of three barley ears on the obverse and a simpulum on the reverse. The second features a lituus on the obverse and the date either LIZ or LIH in a wreath.

    The prutah was of very low value and was used in the poor province of Judea ( At the time of Jesus it took 24 prutah just to buy a loaf of bread). They were produced by the Mint of Jerusalem, little attention was paid to their quality and most are far off center, flatly struck or nearly unidentifiable.

    The lituus was a wand used to interpret natural phenomenon such as lightning flashes, the flight of birds, etc. The simpulum was a ladle used to make libations during sacrifices and was a common symbol of the Roman priesthood, guaranteed to offend Jewish religious sensibilities by being placed on coinage that they would have to handle on a daily basis.

    All of the following examples were found in and around Jerusalem and have not been cleaned. Each coin is uniquely toned and still has dirt from the Holy land adhering to its surfaces. They can be cleaned to exhibit more detail or can be left in their original “as found” state. We chose “as found” for originality for the sake of history and this exactly why this particular hoard is so special. It is the highest quality coins we’ve ever located of these Prutahs struck by Pontius Pilate. Learn More

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